IDF World Cup


Poggiocupro via Pian del colle, Poggiocupro

The Verdicchio Race 2018 will take place from the 25 to the 28 of July at Poggiocupro (AN) and this year it will be on of the 7th World Cup IDF and Italian Downhill Skateboarding Championship FISR:

The best Downhill Skateboard and Streetluge athlets from all over the world, they will return this year to challenge each other on the more technical track of Italy in a four days rich of show and fun in the elegant frame of the hills of Marche.


Killington East Mountain rd, Killington, Vermont


Bathurst 2795 Bathurst, New South Wales, New South Wales

Mt Panorama Bathurst will host the first IDF World Cup in 2018. The fastest skateboarders and lugers from around the world will race from Skyline at the top of Mt Panorama, through the Esses, around Forest Elbow and down Conrod Straight reaching speeds of 100kmph. Register to compete on the IDF website, and it is FREE for spectators to watch. Every day there is something exciting, plenty of parking, and room to watch. Everyone is welcome, this event is children friendly.

Killington – IDF WC

Killington East Mountain rd, Killington, Vermont